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Worried about medical bills after a car accident?

You were involved in a wreck. It wasn't your fault. Why are all these bill collectors saying you have to pay for the emergency room visit and physical therapy? Short answer: you got the treatment and you have to pay for it.

But this is where an attorney can be very helpful. When my clients first hire me, I tell every client to send any collection notice to me so I can contact the company and ensure they call me and not the client. I immediately start gathering medical bills and records. The goal is to ensure that no expense goes undocumented. When all of that evidence is gathered, we demand that the insurance company pays every dime of those expenses. When we settle a case, those bills are paid and our clients can recover additional funds for their pain and suffering, loss of income, and other damages.

I have handled hundreds of car accident cases, both large and seemingly minor. One thing remains the same in each case, your attorney should be taking care of all the paperwork and you should be focused on your physical recovery. If you need help with an accident, call me at 405-392-3300 or visit

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